Weight loss surgery is about more than just losing weight. In our Arizona-based practice, bariatric surgery offers hope to those who are significantly overweight – hope for a healthier, longer, fuller life. Multiple studies have shown that most obesity related health issues can be resolved with bariatric surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

Want to lose weight fast? Well, no matter what procedure you choose, you’ll need to have patience. The following table compares the various types of bariatric surgery offered at our Tucson- and Phoenix-area weight loss institutes. For details about each type of procedure, refer to the individual procedure page.

LAP-BAND® Gastric Bypass(Open or Laparoscopic) Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
How procedure is completed A flexible band is placed around the upper stomach forming a pouch A small pouch is surgically created and part of small intestine is re-routed Stomach size is surgically reduced to the size and shape of a banana or sleeve
Other Weight Loss Factors Band adjustments can increase the rate of weight loss Fewer calories absorbed Production of hormones that cause hunger is reduced
Average Hospital Stay Outpatient 2 to 3.5 days 1 to 2 days
Average Time Off Work 1 week 2 to 3 weeks 1 to 2 weeks
Required Diet Restrictions Portion size Portion sizeFats and sugars Portion size
Reversible Yes No No
Rate of Weight Loss Gradual, but continued Rapid Faster than LAP-BAND; more gradual than gastric bypass
Expected Amount of Excess Weight Loss 50 to 75% over 2 years 1 60 to 70% over 2 years ² 55 to 70% over 2 years


Through weight loss surgery, many of the patients who have visited us in Tucson and around Phoenix, Arizona, have resolved diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and many other serious conditions. We are thrilled that you are taking the first steps toward a healthier life. At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, we want to help you on your journey, providing the physical and emotional support you need.

Our surgeons also perform many general surgical services including hernia repair and colonoscopy.

Let our weight loss surgery specialists help you find YOUR ideal weight loss solution. Request your consultation online or RSVP to one of our weight loss seminars today.

You may also want to download our patient brochure for additional information on what to expect when undergoing surgery at East Valley Surgery Center.


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