Julie P.


Dr. Orris and DeBarros are GREAT! I am thrilled with my surgery and LOVE Mike the dietician. The office staff is quite incapable of running the office smooth but I assume the docs will get that handled quickly. I would highly recommend the docs if you can deal with the long waits in the office.

July 26, 2007



My first impression of my Dr was he was very knowledgable and very nice. My impression has not changed. His staff is also very knowldgeable, nice and vey helpful. Dr Orris and Dr. DeBarros are GREAT Dr’s. The after care is Awsome!!! They follow you for 3 years. The Dr did explaine the risks but said they were minimal. I would rate the Dr’s and staff on a scale of 1-10 a 20!!!

June 21, 2007



I am 10 weeks post op and after numerous visits to the doctors office, the surgery, 2 fills down, I can say with certainty that these are WONDERFUL doctors. Each visit I have a barrage of questions and the doctors and/or staff answer each one. Dr. DeBarros and Dr. Orris perform 2 surgeon surgies, which was my decision maker. My surgery was a great success, and my incisions are beautiful! I had questions during my recovery and I recieved prompt responses and proper guidance. The office IS PROFESSIONAL. I have felt at ease and informed through this entire procedure. I love the support groups and Mike the dietician. Dr. Debarros had the lap band 1 week before I did and I feel that it gives him and \”insider\” view to the surgery, recovery and life changes that are part of WLS. WLS isn’t just a surgery it is a total life change and the surgery is just the first step. Be sure to choose a facility that will address you throughout the process. I did much research in choosing my WLS doctors and I so glad I choose Dr. DeBarros and Dr. Orris.

April 16, 2007