I have been going to WLIA since April 2013 and had my LapBand Surgery on 10/24/13. So far I have been successful with my weightloss and will continue to be successful thanks to the support of Dr. DeBarros and the WLIA staff! I would recommend WLIA to anyone that is looking to start a new chapter of their life with bariatric surgery.

March 31, 2014



I was hesitant to have weight loss surgery. I thought the process would be too difficult to complete but with the help of WLIA it was very simple. Dr. Orris and dietitian Mike were great at making sure I understood everything and that I would be successful with the lap-band.

March 17, 2014



After hearing Dr DeBarros and Dr Orris talk about the WLIAZ program, I was excited to start my journey. I am taking their advice and learning everyday how having surgery will change my life for the better! Thank you!

March 15, 2014



Dr Debarros will be doing my surgery later this year. I have found have a great office team with a support system available including Mike a nutritionist. I am very excited to be on this road with a great team.

March 12, 2014



I met Dr. DeBarros in the beginning of 2006 and was very impressed with him from day one. He put me at ease about what I was getting myself into. He answered my every question with wisdom and professionalism. He made me feel confident in him as a surgeon who knew what he was doing. So I took the necessary steps to change my health and quality of life by following his instructions and having the Lap Band surgery which has made a tremendous difference for me and my family. WLIA program has a good working staff that have changed several times since I have been going. But they do offer an all inclusive program; before and after care, support group that helps you for three years. However, the doctors; in my opinion, are what makes this a good program because they really talk to you and answer your questions. I actually drive over two hundred miles R/T to get to this program which is the down side for me. But I was happy my surgery went well, and my recovery was exceptional. That’s not bad for a young woman (60 yr old), and I can’t express how wonderful I feel today after one year. Remembering the surgery; Dr. DeBarros visited me and put me at ease before and after the surgery. I can’t say enough good things about him and WLIA. I rate him a 9.8 on a scale of 10 being the best. I truly love my Dr. DeBarros for his honesty, integrity, professionalism, surgical competency and also being a truly caring person.

August 16, 2007