Erika Holbein


I had my first Consultation with Dr. Orris and could not be more ready for this journey. The staff at WLIA has made this decision very easy to make. The finance people really help with budgeting and the nutritionist is very helpful in preparing me for what to expect. I would definitely recommend the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona to anyone who is considering weight loss surgery. They answered all of my questions thoroughly and will do the same for you.

June 25, 2014

Catch Kathy


So I have been seeing Dr. DeBarros at WLIAZ for about 4 months working on presurgical weight loss. It’s been up and down but Dr. DeBarros is a straight shooter. I appreciate his honesty on frankness. I love that there are multiple locations.



I saw Dr. Orris for the fist time today and I was extremely impressed. He answered all of my questions, showed me exactly where the incisions would be, and explained the procedure to me, making me feel comfortable with the decision that I have made. All of his staff were friendly and very knowledgeable.

April 28, 2014



My entire life I struggled with obesity. I had low energy and was tinkering with the onset of diabetes and high blood pressure. I knew at the age of 22 that if I did not make a decision to change my life, I would forever be a prisoner to my weight. On March 13, 2008, I had the lap band surgery performed by Dr. Orris and Dr. Debarros. I have since had a successful pregnancy. I eat in moderation and exercise daily. If it had not been for this surgery, I do not know if I could realistically have lost my weight. I am most grateful to the staff and doctors at WLIA. This by far was the best decision of my life!!

April 21, 2014



Dr. De Barros, is a very caring and professional Dr. He’s funny but also down to earth and lets you know what is expected of you. He also doesn’t mind answering any questions.

Thanks, Tina

March 31, 2014