The men and women who visit us in Tempe, Arrowhead, Phoenix, and Tucson, Ariz., for weight loss surgery understand that they have a partner in their journey when they choose Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. We guide and support our patients through the entire process and recognize that this journey is about more than just weight loss. Patients are given very detailed instructions on what to expect from their procedure and recovery, but more importantly, we are always available – even nights and weekends – for our patients in need.

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What to Expect

Your recovery will depend a great deal on the type of weight-loss surgery you undergo. For example, LAP-BAND® patients may have a hospital stay of just five to 24 hours; while more involved surgeries, such as an open gastric bypass may require up to a 72-hour stay.

Upon discharge from East Valley Surgery Center or your hospital facility, you will be given written instructions for your care at home. It is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding diet, rest, medication and activity.

Your Long-Term Diet

After you have recovered from surgery and completed the recovery diet progression to regular foods, eating will still not return to “business as usual.” Depending upon the type of weight loss surgery you had, you will need to make long-term adjustments to your diet.

For example, gastric bypass patients will need to avoid food and drinks that are high in fat and sugar. In general, consuming high amounts of calories and carbohydrates will make any type of surgery ineffective. Whatever type of surgery you’ve chosen, you will significantly reduce your portion sizes. We will give you specific diet details after your procedure.

Continued Follow-up & Support

At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, our support program is an essential component of your success after surgery. For the first few years, you will have regularly scheduled follow-up appointments. The following services are available to every patient:

  • A Dietitian who will help with your pre- and post-surgery diet and teach you to decide how, what and when to eat in order to develop healthy life-long habits
  • Doctors and nurses will perform follow-up assessments to monitor your health and weight loss
  • Band adjustments for LAP-BAND® patients to increase or decrease the rate of weight loss
  • Support groups featuring speakers to provide motivation and information on topics like diet, exercise and plastic surgery
  • A Private Facebook page exclusively for our patients

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